Stuffed peppers fit for a king! (and a cautionary tale)

Never again will I be swindled into paying $7 for four bell peppers. Mike and I love to walk to the farmers market on Saturdays, then make something for lunch or dinner with all of our finds. One summer goal was to master omelets, and we totally did. Quality eggs + sausage + hot sauce makes for an omelet i’ll never forget. The golden egg of omelets, if you will. Anyway, we went last Saturday and decided to make stuffed peppers using this recipe:

However, after purchasing a watermelon and the tomatoes and bell peppers, we decided rather than take out a loan for the rest of the ingredients, we would go to Sprouts. Great decision. We pretty much followed the recipe aside from omitting cheese and I used a few extra tomatoes. Oh and added corn because I had a couple ears I needed to use. Yum!

I posted a good snap story of the stuffed peppers but forgot to save it, so here’s a pretty picture from when I was  farmer.


FullSizeRender 3.jpg


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