Product Review!

Hair Dryer

Pros: It dries really fast and makes my hair looks shiny and less frizzy.

Cons: Its so powerful that I need to stop every few minutes to brush tangles out of my hair.

Is it worth it: Yes! If yours ever breaks, buy this one

Essie Gel Nail Polish


Pros: It stayed on for about 4 days without chipping- even without the top coat you are supposed to use (I used one I already had). There are a ton of pretty colors. Its less than $10.

Cons: You are “supposed” to buy a special top coat for it that is also $10 – meh, no thanks. Every time I check Target, the colors are almost completely picked over.

Is it worth it: Yes. Its stays on well and looks good.

Every Day Shea Conditioner


Pros: Its a giant bottle for about $10. The ingredients are relatively clean and harmless. It smells good.

Cons: It doesn’t work.

Is it worth it: No. Do not buy this. You will be stuck using it for months bc you feel bad about throwing a giant bottle of conditioner in the trash. Even though thats exactly what it is, trash.

Every Day Shea Lotion


Pros: Its a giant bottle for around $10. The ingredients are relatively clean and harmless. It smells good. It actually works.

Cons: Its the same brand as the terrible conditioner so it makes you think you wasted your money again.

Is it worth it: Surprisingly, yes. This is a good buy.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara/Tinted moisturizer


Pros: Both are organic and have clean ingredients. You can buy both at Target for a low price. Both work very well – especially the tinted moisturizer. I don’t feel like I need to put powder over it- it leaves a nice healthy glow without being too shiny or matte.

Cons: Nothing. I love both of these and don’t want to buy anything else. Ever.

Is it worth it: Yes! Run out and buy them both right now.






Avocado pudding!

The Unusual Breakfast That I SWEAR BY

We talked about this, but adding it and my notes to the blog for our future convenience:

  1. pretty delicious on its own, also delicious with added chocolate flavor
  2. i had to use enough almond milk to fill the blender to 2 cups so that it would blend properly- it just splattered all over before i did that and was a huge pain. it’s still very creamy and pudding-like, not smoothie-like. also i used califia toasted coconut almond milk, which makes everything delicious
  3. i used frozen zucchini instead of ice (i’m morally opposed to using ice)
  4. too much for me for breakfast,¬†and since its avocado i don’t think it would keep well. but perfect for a few people as a side!
  5. i think it would be super good topped with Dang brand coconut chips, and i was bummed i didn’t have any


Quick post!

Here’s the granola recipe I made- I think I followed it pretty closely but didn’t use as many nuts. If you’ve never made granola before, one mistake I made the first time was cooking it way too long- it won’t get crunchy in the oven, it hardens as it dries. So cook according to the recipe time!

Banana Granola