Avocado pudding!

The Unusual Breakfast That I SWEAR BY

We talked about this, but adding it and my notes to the blog for our future convenience:

  1. pretty delicious on its own, also delicious with added chocolate flavor
  2. i had to use enough almond milk to fill the blender to 2 cups so that it would blend properly- it just splattered all over before i did that and was a huge pain. it’s still very creamy and pudding-like, not smoothie-like. also i used califia toasted coconut almond milk, which makes everything delicious
  3. i used frozen zucchini instead of ice (i’m morally opposed to using ice)
  4. too much for me for breakfast, and since its avocado i don’t think it would keep well. but perfect for a few people as a side!
  5. i think it would be super good topped with Dang brand coconut chips, and i was bummed i didn’t have any



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