Crock Pot Chicken Soup! (and a cautionary tale)

I made this chicken soup a couple weeks ago, because I wanted to try cooking a whole chicken and crock pot seemed like the easiest option. My plan was to cook it then make bone broth and be one step closer to being Barbara Kingsolver.

Paleo Chicken Soup – Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

So I cooked it in the crock pot all day and it smelled amazing, but then I had to take out all the bones which was less amazing, then I put all the bones back in with water and cooked that all night and woke up to a smell which was even less amazing. My house smelled like a Campbells soup factory for about a week, which made me feel physically ill. I couldn’t stomach the soup that first night so I had a smoothie instead which obviously pleased me but still. Don’t do what I did.



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