It’s cookie time!


Christmas break this year was an all-out cookie extravaganza. Here are the winners:

    • These taste like pancakes, and I’m entirely unsure why I haven’t made a blueberry variety yet.
    • These might be my favorite chocolate chip cookies I’ve made! I didn’t use almonds or almond extract, and I used a whole egg instead of the two egg whites. I don’t believe in egg whites. I might use fewer chocolate chips next time, and sprinkle with a little sea salt. Note that they don’t flatten in the oven.
    • These make such pretty cut-outs! My favorite decor was to press them into sanding sugar/sprinkles before baking, but I also like dipping them in glaze.
    • Also pretty cut-outs!
    • Not exactly a cookie, but SO. GOOD.

And one reject:

I wish I had more pictures of the cookies I made! But you got to see most of them. This is the only one I took:




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