Some thoughts on Beauty & The Beast….Adult Perspective

I bought Beauty & The Beast for Cora this weekend. Since then, we have watched it approximately 5,000 times….#thirdtrimester. I’ve developed some adult thoughts regarding this childhood favorite.

Thought #1: Belle is a bad ass.

Belle is not your typical Disney princess. No heaving bosom, no need for a man to rescue her, and no time for the town douche. And most importantly, she’s a nerd.  Lets explore.

  • I’ve noticed that Belle is one of the more modest princesses. Which, as a #girlmom, I appreciate. Obviously I love Ariel like it my job. But, as a #girlmom, I have no love for her almost bare chest that heaves up and down constantly. Belle doesn’t mess with low-cut, flimsy outfits. She’s knows what she’s got and doesn’t need to flaunt it like a floozy.
  • In the scene where Belle runs away from the castle and is being chased by wolves, The Beast initially saves her. He knocks those wolves out and doesn’t let them eat his woman. But he pays for it. We see him fall into the snow, seemingly unconscious. Belle could have left his temper tantrum-ing booty behind, but instead, she rescued him. She somehow lifted his 400 lb body on top of her horse and took him back to the castle. There, she took care of his wounds, and stood her ground when he tried to blame her for what happened.
  • Gaston is a thought in himself that we will get to soon. But, for now, lets just acknowledge that Belle said a big “hell no” to him multiple times during the movie. He was supposed to be the town “catch” and had women fawning all over him (tramps). But Belle saw his true colors.
  • And most importantly, Belle is a nerd. A true nerd. Girlfriend loves to read and literally walks around with her nose in a book. What a bad ass. I love a princess who is reading instead of flitting to the surface in a skimpy bathing suit. She fell in love accidently, not because she was searching for it. She just wanted to read a good book and happened to catch a prince in the process. #attagirl

Thought #2: Gaston is incredibly rapey. 

Disney. For real? How did this not scare us as children? It scares me as an adult.

  • Gaston decides, without actually knowing Belle, that he is going to marry her. That she is the luckiest girl in all the world. Never mind that he hasn’t spoken to her yet, clearly she will just fall all over him. Rapey.
  • He plans a wedding before proposing to her….and before ever actually speaking to her. The man has a full on string quartet waiting outside of her home. He barges into her house and tries to pin her against the wall in an effort to intimidate her into marriage. Rapey.
  • He gets so angry that a woman (who he has spoken to 1 time) rejected him that he plots to coerce her into marriage by locking her father in a loony bin until she says yes. Rapey.
  • He stabs the beast in the back in one last effort for revenge, after the beast spared his life. Rapey coward.


Thought #3: The prince and Belle look like siblings.

I kept thinking, “who does he remind me of?”

  • At the end of the movie, Belle professes her love for The Beast and breaks the spell.
  • He changes back into human form, which we assume will be attractive as all get out. But instead, we get a pretty feminine guy. He’s pretty but looks familiar….who does he look like…wait…..
  • He looks like Belle. Trade the blonde hair for brown, slim down the body and turn the eyes brown and you’ve got Belle.
  • Come on, Disney. We realize you recycle looks all the time in your movies, but could you not have created a prince that doesn’t look like the twin of the girl he is going to marry?

Well, there you go. My adult thoughts on one of our childhood favorites. Feel free to weigh in!


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