Product Review: Primally Pure

Ok, Im finally getting around to reviewing these products. When I decided to try the deodorant, I ordered the starter kit so that I could try a few of the products:


Deodorant: So this is the main reason I wanted to try these products. I didn’t read the fine print when ordering the starter kit and didn’t specify which scent I wanted – so they chose for me. They sent the lemongrass scent which smells A LOT like The Honest Co bug spray. Not my favorite scent but not offensive. Overall, Ive been really happy with the deodorant. While I don’t think it protects agains wetness and oder as well as the toxic ones, for a natural deodorant, it does very well. I would go as far as sayings its the best natural deodorant Ive tried (and Ive tried a lot). When ordering again, I will definitely get a different scent but I think thats just personal preference. My only complaint is that its not sold in stores or on amazon and every time you order it, you have to pay shipping. Lets face it, we are all spoiled when it comes to shipping fees and just don’t want to pay them.

Body Butter: This is probably my favorite product of the kit. Again, they picked my scent and gave me the almond and vanilla one- which I like! The body butter is thick and creamy without being greasy and lasts a long time. Ive been using it on my baby belly and Ace has been using it on his hands. We both agree that it works great!

Everything Spray: This….well….I just don’t get it. The description says you can use it for “everything”, as a toner, to soothe irritated skin, etc. I didn’t think it really did anything. I sprayed it on my face and my underarms after shaving and it just never did anything. Plus, the apple cider vinegar smell is STRONG and kind of gross. I would not purchase this.

Lip Balm: They sent me grapefruit, lavender and creamsicle lip balm. All of them smell SO good but the creamsicle is probably my favorite. The lip balm feels good and lasts a respectable amount of time. I never think anything other than aquaphore lasts long enough, but this does a good job. I would buy these again!

Well, there you go- let me know what you think if you order anything!