Product Review: Native Deodorant


And on goes the search for the perfect natural deodorant. I first heard about Native Deodorant from Ace’s sister. We were lamenting about how sweaty and gross we get while pregnant and breast-feeding. She had just started using Native and said it was actually holding up to its promises to work as well as the chemical laden deodorants.

While the deodorant per stick is pricey, you can order a sample pack of 3 to lessen the cost and they have free shipping and returns (!!!). I ordered the men’s sample pack because I wanted Ace to try it and I don’t mind smelling like a dude. The sample pack came with 3 full-sized sticks, one of each of their’ men’s scents.

Ace chose the Citrus & Herbal Musk scent and I kept the Eucalyptus & Mint and Tea Tree & Sage scents (I’ve been going back and forth). All 3 of them have a nice smell that isn’t overwhelming. We have now been wearing Native for a few weeks (including going to bootcamp) and its been working really well. I would say it ALMOST holds up to chemical deodorants. By the end of the day, Im a bit stinky and need to reapply, but aside from that, it holds its own. Ace says that he “doesn’t think about it” which is a really good thing – he hasn’t noticed being sweatier or smellier than when using his other kind.

When I first apply it in the mornings (especially if I’ve shaved) it does sting a little bit. I’m sensitive to baking soda and this is what causes the sting. Native offers a sensitive deodorant but in my extensive search of natural deodorants, they never work as well. While it does sting, it has yet to cause burning or redness like some I have used.

Native has now taken the place of Primally Pure as the best natural deodorant that I have used. Plus, it has a major leg up on Primally Pure since they offer free shipping and returns. If you aren’t picky about the scent, order the sample pack for a bit of a discount. Plus, as usual, if you sign up for their e-mails, you will get a discount code on your first order.

Smell ya later!



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